Increase the value of your digital screen estate

by making them accessible to the world!

Could your digital signage use a regular content update?

Open up your screen estate for people like....


Colleagues or partners might be happy to contribute. Give them easy access.

Our Community

Our community provides fascinating content, custom generated for each screen


At the right place, on the right time, each screen has value for someone.

Control your network with ease

Manage your locations, screens, content, incoming offers and contributing users in our easy to use CMS. We believe that digital screens with fresh content will remain more valuable over time, which means every click in our CMS should help you achieve that goal.

Dynamic Data for fresh content

The local weather forecast styled according to your companies’ brand? The latest news from your website or a news outlet? Enriching your playlist with dynamic data will make your screen a valuable eye-catcher. Our community generates a lot of these great ideas.

Smart Campaign Booker

With the tools we offer, reaching the right audience is as easy as booking a hotel or taxi. Specify your wishes, play with some settings and discover which locations are best suited to reach your audience.