Be the network director instead of producer.

Fresh screens keep their value!

Control your viewtime

Sharp contracts
With contracts you easily manage the playlist and administration at the same time. Exclusivity, automatically renew and other contract details design the broadcast.
Real time insights
With our dashboard you manage all your locations in one glimpse. Check the availabillity of broadcasttime, revenues and operational issues in one place.
Fill up free space
With automatic filler content, your screen never looks boring.
Advanced planning? Not your concern!
By giving other people a piece of the broadcast, you will be surprised of their creativity. With advanced planning tools they can design every moment of their view time by themselves. This keeps your screen fresh and interesting.

Manage your media

Media format
Don't worry about the screen size, portrait or landscape mode for your media, we already took care of it.
Smart content
It is also possible to show location based or realtime media from various data sources on the screen.
Social media interaction
Show your social media content directly on your screen.
Use our community
Our community delivers appealing media, mostly with smart data interactions so every screen is unique every time of the day.

People management

One size doesn't fit all
Manage the permissions of the community members around your screens.
Know your leads
Be aware of people around your screen who can contribute. Our software can help you find and manage these leads and make sure they get the right information.
Do you want to give a piece of your broadcast to someone familiar. Send an offer and invitation at the same time.